DESIGN ART :: Tokujin Yoshioka’s work flirts on the precipice of where art meets design - Maison Hermes Tokyo windows with digital images of women blowing an Hermes scarf that flow synchronously with animated breathe - to Swarovski’s spectacular crystal meets LED lighting installation in Milan at Salone 2010 - his work is arresting. Makes one think. Respond. Remember. Explore it if you’ve read thus far!!

Currently exhibiting 'Sensing Nature', an extension of the Milan Swarovski work at Mori Art Museum -prior installations include the origami paper tub chair for MOROSO, Driade’s ‘Tokyo-POP’  - ISSEY MIYAKE, VITRA, CASSINA, CARTIER et al join the top flight fleet that queue to collaborate with him &/or produce his work. At a mere 40 years young, this gentle genius remains a creative talent that will be respected for generations. His website is all action & no talk. Images sans words!!

SLIDE SHOW of Milan Swarovski installation HERE - Swarovski Crystal Palace

VIDEO of Maison Hermes Tokyo - window installation HERE - so inspirational you’ll wonder how it’s done!! - if you click one link from this post - it’s this!!